About Us

Belgian Village aims to be a dynamic International company, specialized in residential developments across Western Ukraine.

The desire to be a dynamic company is translated into Belgian Village’s strong and experienced professionals and guided by an international top management.

Belgian Village intends to establish itself as a specialist in the realization of tailor-made residential real estate projects. Our ambition is based on our own unique know-how in engineering over architecture, constructing and manufacturing, design, marketing and sales, facility and property management.

From the start of the detailed preliminary design until the delivery of a residential project, Belgian Village assumes responsibility for all above mentioned departments of the project. This full service commitment is delivered through our well-integrated supply chain.

We apply high technical standards to all our work through the involvement of highly qualified, international, in-house staff with years of experience. We can rely on our own resources and our collaboration with various local Ukrainian and European partners to ensure the quality and efficiency of our services.

We believe in working with our clients and not just for them. A successful project is one in which the creativity of all our departments is combined and results in efficient and seamless team-work.

Belgian Village gained good brand name and trustworthy reputation and is well-known as market changer in the real estate. Our core value is that we commit ourselves to offer quality and value for money.


310 owners of fully fitted-out “turnkey” apartments

9 blocks near the city center with landscaping and children’s and sports playgrounds

5 years’ experience in residental real estate development