Taras Saviuk

Male / 25 years old / 10 months on board / head of designers

Why did you choose to work for Belgian Village?

I chose Belgian Village because it has an international top management and international style of working. I was impressed when I heard of Belgian Village, because this kind of projects are unseen in Ukraine. When I entered the office for the first time , I knew immediately I wanted to work here, because of the beautiful and modern style of the office which they have even made in their own factory!

What do you like about the company?

I like the team which I’m working with. They are progressive and dynamic. But not only the team of designers, but actually everybody. You don’t need to be afraid to ask questions when you don’t know something and everyone is eager to help you! There is a very good team spirit! It is also possible to have carreer opportunities in this company, as I started to work as a designer and now I’m already after 10 months head of designers!

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Natalya Kolych

Female / 24 years old / 5 months on board / Sales Specialist

Why did you choose to work for Belgian Village?

I was first working for another real estate developer when a friend of me informed me about Belgian Village where she was working. She said that they were searching for extra sales people, so I applied. This is also the first company which is doing projects with services like “Belgian Village Pustomyty” and “BelleVille”. This is the first time in Ukraine!

What do you like about the company?

At Belgian Village, you have more opportunities and fantastic working conditions and it is very interesting as a sales person to gain bonuses at Belgian Village! I also like to work for different projects and on different locations, which is in this company the case. I adore the variaty of tasks, every day is different, thanks to Belgian Village!

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Galyna Vartanyants

Female / 45 years old, / 3 years on board / Chief Accountant

What do you like about the company?

Belgian Village is a unique project for the implementation of foreign investment in housing construction in Ukraine. The multinational team of the company, due to the creative non-standard approach, creates development projects not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Extremely valuable experience for each of our teams”

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Ines Coesensarrow_forward

Ines Coesens

Female / 27 years old, / 2 years on board / Marketing Specialist


«Proud to be working for Belgian Village since 2 years! Literally, From Belgium with Love, Ines»

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